Harris Ranch


84 +/- Acres (In Contract)  to   256 +/- Acres

5311 & 5801 N I-35 Denton, Texas 76207

Lat 33.247231 Long -97.177705

256 +/- Acres View South (Boundary Lines Are Approximate) 

Harris Ranch, established in 1952, is located in the NW quadrant of Denton, Texas, on the west side of I-35, adjacent the SWC I-35/Loop 288, approximately 3 miles north of the I-35/I-35E/I-35W junction, and approximately 1.5 miles north of US 380 (University Drive). Total ranch acreage for sale is approximately 256 acres. 

Frontage is along the west side of I-35. Interstate 35 is a High Priority Corridor Highway. The I-35 Corridor runs approximately 1,585 miles from Duluth, Minnesota to Laredo, Texas, and links Canada, USA, and Mexico. Harris Ranch has linkage to I-35, I-35W (Fort Worth), I-35E (Dallas), US 380 (major East/West traffic artery), and Loop 288, making the property accessible to both major North/South and East/West transportation arteries. 

The Kansas City Southern Railroad serves sea ports on the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coasts, as well as river ports in the US. The KCS Railroad bisects the western portion of the property. 

Denton County is located in North Central Texas, approximately 35 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth. The 2018 county population was estimated to be 859,064, 8th largest in Texas, and has had an average growth of approximately 5.47% per year, (approximately 23,671 people per year) since the 2000 population of 432,976. Denton County has nearly doubled in population since 2000. (US Census Bureau Estimates, updated October 2019) The county population for 2021 is reported to be 941,647, a 9.6% increase since 2018. (Denton Chamber of Commerce Economic Development, 9/23/22)

The City of Denton is the county seat and is located in the center of the county. The 2018 City of Denton population was estimated to be 138,541 and has had an average growth of approximately 4.0% per year (approximately 57,846 people) since the 2000 population of 80,537. Current and future growth is expected to continue with the 2030 City of Denton population estimate of 207,334, a 68,793 increase in population. (City of Denton Economic Development 3/2020). The population for the City of Denton is estimated to be 148,146 for 2021, a 6.9% increase from 2018. (Denton Chamber of Commerce Economic Development, 9/23/22) Denton enjoys the strategic location of the Interstate 35 division into I-35E (to Dallas) & I-35W (to Fort Worth) north of the DFW Metroplex. Harris Ranch is located in the center of Denton County and the in northwestern quadrant of the City of Denton. 

Harris Ranch - General Location Map

Size – 256 +/- acres – the Harris Ranch total acres for sale is 256 acres +/-.  A 6.5 +/- acre well site and tank battery is located at the southwest corner of the 84 acres and is netted out.  A 1.2 acre fiber optic regeneration facility is located along the southern boundary and is netted out.  Proposed right of way for I-35 is approximately 17 acres and is netted out. 


Well Site – The 6.5 +/- acre well site is an active oil and gas production site with producing wells and collection tank battery.  Access, ingress and egress, is necessary 24 hours a day.  The current access is from I-35 via a all-weather gravel road.  Typical vehicles accessing the sight are pickups, maintenance vehicles, workover rigs, and 18-wheeler tanker trucks. The surface owner must allow this access.  New wells are allowed to be drilled and completed on this 6.5 +/- acres site only.  See the aerial maps.


Nonproducing Wells – 2 wells remain outside of the 6.5 acre well site.  Harris #1 is north of the well site and has been plugged.  Harris #2 is west of the well site and located on the southern portion of the 55 +/- acres bisected by the KCS railroad and is nonproducing.


Regen Site – The 1.2 +/- acre fiber optic regeneration site is an active fiber optic facility.   Access, ingress and egress, is necessary 24 hours a day.  Vehicle access is via an easement from I-35 to the site.  An underground optic fiber cable is in an easement from I-35 to the site along the southern boundary of the ranch. Typical vehicles accessing the sight are pickups, vans, and maintenance vehicles.  The site will accommodate additional “regen huts” for future use.  The surface owner must allow this access.  See the aerial maps.


Frontage/Access - I-35, southbound service road, between N Loop 288 and US 380/University Dr. The frontage on the I-35 southbound Service Road is approximately 3,000’ +/- (.57 mile +/-).  It is noted that I-35 is scheduled for expansion in the foreseeable future.   Access will not be denied according to current TxDOT maps and engineers.  I-35 will be widened to 6 lanes with new flyovers at the Loop 288 intersection.


The future extension of Loop 288 to the west will provide frontage and access to Harris Ranch.


The Denton Mobility Plan shows a proposed north/south collector street bisecting Harris Ranch.  This collector will provide access to Loop 288 and US 380.  See the Denton Mobility Plan map below.


Kansas City Southern Railroad– The KSC RR bisects the property north to south.  Frontage along the railroad is approximately 3,170 +/- feet (.6 mile +/-). There is a livestock tunnel located near the southern border of the ranch for ingress/egress to the west side of the ranch.  A private grade crossing is located approximately in the middle of the ranch. Rail access is to be determined, but is possible.


Shape/Topography/Flood Plain/Drainage – The property is generally rectangular, east to west, with rolling terrain (approx. 748’ to 690’), no flood plain, the drainage basin flow is generally to the west and southwest, with mesquite trees, and native grasses, etc.  There are currently 8 earthen stock tanks on the property.  Two of the tanks are located on the western portion of the property and serve as a buffer detention for future development.  These tanks also offer the opportunity for environmental drainage control and open space/recreational amenities for future development of the ranch as a whole.  See the environmentally sensitive area map.


Utilities - Water, sanitary sewer, electric, and gas are located at southeast corner of the tract to serve the southeastern portion of the property.  The western portion of the property will gravity flow to an offsite sanitary sewer and will require offsite facilities.   City utility maps indicate that there is a 10” wastewater main on the east side of the KCS railroad, approximately 2,800’ +/- south of Harris Ranch.  It also may be possible for the wastewater to flow south along the west side of the KCS railroad to the same 10” main located along Hampton Road.  


Future Land Use: Harris Ranch is located in an area designated by the City of Denton as “Business Innovation”.  This use is for large tracts of land that are appropriated for well-planned, larger-scale office and employment parks with supporting uses such as retail, hotels, residential.  Primary uses include office, research and development, and light manufacturing.  The primary uses should be developed in a campus-like or corporate park setting that may include generous, linked open space to maximize value and to promoted visual quality and compatibility with the surrounding areas.  The designation is proposed throughout the city in areas that are in close proximity to commercial use area and employment hubs in the city, so that future development may build from this proximity and create a critical mass for economic development.  The mixed-use nature of these areas will ensure that employment areas will benefit from complementary retail and services throughout the day.  (Denton Plan 2030)


Current Zoning – Light Industrial Zoning.  The LI district is intended to provide locations for a variety of light industrial and employment uses such as light manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, warehousing and distributing, indoor and outdoor storage, and a wide range of supporting commercial uses and activities. The LI district provides a variety of transportation options for access including transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities. The LI district provides appropriate transitions to surrounding uses and lower-intensity districts, and is sensitive to the adjacent built and natural context.


Harris Ranch Probable Use – Light Industrial or Mixed use, highway-oriented retail/commercial, high end tech office, office/warehouse, and low to medium impact manufacturing, along with hotel/motels and restaurants etc.


Improvements –


South Tract – Older single family residence, 2-story ranch house (4 BR, 3½ B), swimming pool, hay barn, implement shed, 2 old trailer houses, etc.  City of Denton water and sanitary sewer.  Water well without pump jack last used 1990’s.  


North Tract – Older single-family residence, 1-story house, (2 BR, 1 B) barn & sheds, septic tank, etc. Water well without pump jack and abandoned 1960’s.   City of Denton water via residence on south tract.   Septic tank sanitary sewer system.


Note:   The Phase 1 Environmental study found both houses had asbestos in the building materials used at the time of building and/or remodeling.


Minerals - Minerals rights are retained and not available.


Property Status update since the initial offering:


1.    The entire Harris Ranch has been annexed into the City of Denton.

2.    The entire Harris Ranch in now zoned Light Industrial (LI).   

3.    The soil borings study indicates that the soils are clay, limestone, and shale.

4.    The City of Denton has established the new Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

5.    The Phase 1 Environmental Study did not find any major issues other than the asbestos in the houses. 

6.    The U.S Army Corps of Engineers has determined that the “Harris Ranch Aquatic Features” are not waters of the United States. 

7.    The City of Denton recommends that the future developer utilize “rain gardens” to help mitigate the increased drainage due to new streets and structures.  A detention pond most likely will be required.

95 +/- Ac Concept Land Plan

Harris Ranch Proposed I-35 ROW & New Access Drives

Harris Ranch Concept Plan

Future I-35 Highway Expansion ROW  & Interior Roads

Harris Ranch Environmentally Sensitive Area

Harris Ranch Drainage Basins

Denton Mobility Plan


256 +/- Acres

(Boundary Lines Are Approximate)

Asking Price:   84 +/- Acres $5.50/sf ($20,124,720)   to   256 +/- Acres   $5.50/sf ($61,332,480)

Will consider all offers


The seller’s title company is Holland Law and Title located at 525 S. Locust St, Ste 100, Denton, TX 76201,  940-312-7345, hollandlawandtitle.com.


Buyer’s broker commission is 1.5%. 

Robert Harris - Broker

Phone: 940/536-3452

Email: RHarris@RHRealty.net

Website: RobertHarrisRealty.com

Note: Ownership of the Harris Ranch is in four individual name/entities and various parcels.  All Purchase & Sale Agreements will be in a separate document for each individual ownership.

Disclosure - Robert Woodson Harris is a Texas Real Estate broker & owner.

The above information is from reliable sources and is believed to be dependable.  However, no warranties are expressed or implied.  Boundary lines shown are approximate.  The data presented is subject to change and/or modification as circumstances warrant.  2022